About us

A one-of-a-kind event in Quebec

Fiestra is a festival that gets Quebec City vibing with the seasons. The event revolves around the concept of what happens when disciplines from completely different worlds come together.

Expect the unexpected!

Fiestra celebrates the unusual and encourages fantastical performances to captivate, astonish and enthrall. It invites the public to expect the unexpected! It’s an event in which visitors witness truly eclectic pairings.

Fiestra is

Original performances

Disciplines from different worlds

Passionate creators


Fiestra’s goal is to have its event serve creativity. It celebrates how we come together and wants to make art accessible to all.

Why Fiestra ?
Passion and commitment

Artists are passionate about their art and are committed to offering performances that will elicit wonder.


With Fiestra, we want to demystify less-known art forms and make them accessible to audiences, along with other disciplines that are outside the conventional art world.


Fiestra strives to foreground creativity, imagination and innovation.


Fiestra undertakes to offer a respectful environment, and to value and showcase diversity and what makes us human.

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December 16 to 18, 2022

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