The rapper Emmanuel Cormier-Cotnoir, known by the stage name KJT, is the winner of the televised contest « La fin des faibles ». He has a unique talent for playing with words in completely unexpected ways.

Cirque Kikasse is a mobile circus powered by a street truck. Led by circus and event veterans, the Kikasse circus is driven by an artistic vision that favors spectacularity and virtuosity.

Arielle Wanke (dancer and artistic co-director), Elsianne Caplette (singer - songwriter), Émily Wahlman (scenographer), Eve Rousseau Cyr (dancer and artistic co-director) and Mélissa Merlo (actor).

Antoine Bernadet (table tennis), Jocelyn Pelletier (co-director), Rose Provenché (digital arts), Raphaëlle Mainville (digital arts) et Vanessa Cadrin (artistic co-director).

Alex Racine (keyboardist), Francis Desharnais (comic artist), François Plante (wrestler), Geneviève Thibault (puppeteer and artistic director), Jeanne Huguenin (scenographer), Steve Boutet (wrestler) et William Savoie (actor and novice wrestlers).

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