Winner of the televised contest “La fin des faibles,” rapper Emmanuel Cormier-Cotnoir, known by his stage name KJT, will share his love of rap and words while creating a unique work based on the piece made by the community.

The supremely talented circus artists in the Kikasse troupe will put on a unique show created exclusively for Fiestra.

Have you ever imagined what wrestlers, a puppeteer, a keyboardist and a comic artist could come up with if they combined their talent and imagination? That’s exactly what the Passion Combo will be thrilled to share with you on October 8!

The Next-Generation Combo will awaken all your senses with their original performance melding digital arts and ping pong. It might be completely unexpected, but it will be incredibly fun! That’s what Fiestra is all about.

Mixing dance, acting and electronic music, the Experience Combo members will dazzle you with their astonishing performance. Catch them as of October 8!

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